Investment Management

Investment Management is fundamental to financial planning. We prioritize creating purposeful investment models tailored to our individual clients’’ needs. Each model serves a specific goal, designed like specialized blueprints. These models synergize and can be combined in clients’ accounts based on their financial plans. This adaptable approach ensures alignment with changing goals and circumstances, forging a resilient financial future.

Our Investment Plan

Our investment management firm’s plan structures a strategy to invest to achieve specific financial goals. It systematically allocates resources into various investment opportunities, such as stocks, bonds, real estate, mutual funds, and more, to generate returns over a defined period. An effective investment management plan considers risk tolerance, investment horizon, financial objectives, current market conditions, and tax circumstances.

Our Tactical Investment Management Approach

Our Tactical investment and asset management approach embodies a dynamic and responsive strategy that reflects our proactive stance in navigating the ever-changing landscape of the financial markets. Unlike a static approach that adheres to a fixed investment allocation, our investment management approach remains adaptable to evolving market dynamics. This agility allows us to make well-informed and timely decisions to optimize the portfolio’s performance.

Central to our tactical approach is the strategic adjustment of asset allocation and investment holdings. This means that we continually assess the prevailing short-term market conditions and seek out potential opportunities that may arise. For instance, if we anticipate a period of market growth, we might strategically increase exposure to certain asset classes like stocks, aiming to capture potential gains. Conversely, we may reduce our exposure during heightened volatility or economic uncertainty to mitigate potential losses.

Our Core Investment Strategies

Our investment portfolio management starts with our Core Equity models which are foundational for constructing a well-rounded and comprehensive stock portfolio. Think of them as the essential building blocks that support your investment strategy. Each Core Equity model is carefully crafted to hold a diverse range of stocks, ensuring a balanced representation across various sectors and industries. What sets these models apart is the distinct investment management strategy and purpose that underlies each one.

While all Core Equity models share the common goal of achieving growth and potential returns, they are designed to cater to different investment preferences and objectives.

Our investment management approach’s beauty lies in its flexibility to investment managers. Depending on the specifics of your investment account – including its size and the investment goals you’ve set – we may recommend using a single Core Equity model that aligns most closely with your preferences and investment objectives above. This streamlined approach can provide simplicity and efficiency in managing your portfolio.

On the other hand, for those seeking a more customized and intricate investment strategy, we can combine multiple Core Equity models within your account. This mixing of models can create a well-rounded and finely-tuned portfolio that leverages the strengths of each strategy. By blending different models, we can further optimize your core holdings to select investments that align precisely with your financial aspirations and risk tolerance.

Our Core Equity models offer a versatile toolkit that allows us to tailor your stock portfolio to suit your individual investor needs and goals. Whether you choose a few fund managers, a single model, or a combination, our goal remains the same: to construct a resilient and high-potential investment foundation that stands strong amidst the dynamic currents of the market.

Tactical Equity

The strategy uses low-cost region and sector targeted ETFs to help pinpoint possible tactical opportunities. Tactical adjustments may be performed to tilt or reallocate the portfolio to take advantage of possible opportunities or reduce risk.
Risk Level: Medium
Account Type: Qualified Diversification: Global
Minimum Allocation: $25,000

Tactical Mega Trends Equity

The strategy's objective is to track and possibly outperform the FTSE US All Cap Choice Index, which is designed to help investors align their portfolios with their individual values by selecting companies based on the impact of their conduct and products on society and the environment.
Risk Level: High
Account Type: Qualified Diversification: Global
Minimum Allocation: $25,000

NQ Tactical Equity

The NQ Tactical Equity strategy uses specialty funds that offer tactical strategies within an ETF framework. The ETF framework improves tax-efficiency as it delays capital gains that can occur from the tactical trading.
Risk Level: Medium
Account Type: Non-Qualified Diversification: Global
Minimum Allocation: $10,000

All Stars Equity

Similar to the Tactical Equity, however, investing in individual stocks for more targeted exposure. The stocks are picked based on their sector-strength. The investments are tactical managed for additional risk management.
Risk Level: Medium
Account Type: Non-Qualified
Diversification: US Large Cap
Minimum Allocation: $25,000

Our Satellite Models

Our Satellite models represent specialized investment management approaches designed to enhance and complement the core strategies of your portfolio. These models play a specific role in achieving your investment management goals.

Firstly, one key objective of some Satellite models is to generate Alpha. Alpha refers to the additional risk-adjusted returns an investment can potentially earn above a chosen benchmark, such as a market index. These models are strategically crafted to identify and capitalize on unique opportunities that may arise within the market. By seeking out investments with the potential for outperformance, our Alpha-focused Satellite models aim to add an extra layer of returns to your overall portfolio.

Secondly, some Satellite models can be utilized for Hedge creation; market volatility and uncertainty are inherent risks in investing in global markets. Some models offer a tactical approach to managing your exposure to the stock market. When there are concerns about potential downturns, these models can be adjusted to reduce your stock market exposure, potentially mitigating losses during turbulent times. Conversely, during periods of expected market growth, these models can be strategically increased to capture positive market movements, offering a form of downside protection and upside to potential investments.

Lastly, other Satellite models incorporate Tax efficiency as a key consideration. Tax-loss harvesting offsets capital gains and potentially reduces your tax liability. These models are structured to leverage this approach by strategically selling investments that have experienced losses, which can be used to offset gains in other parts of your portfolio. By implementing tax-efficient strategies in our investment management process, these models aim to optimize after-tax returns and help you retain more investment gains.

Our Satellite models act as specialized tools, each with its unique purpose and function, working harmoniously with the core strategies to create a robust and comprehensive investment management approach.

Tactical Powerplay Equity

The Tactical Powerplay strategy invests in our highest conviction ideas based on our macro-economic and market studies.

The strategy is flexible to invest in stocks, bonds, commodities, and cash.
Risk Level: Medium
Account Type: All Diversification: Global
Minimum Allocation: $10,000

Farm Team Equity

This strategy focuses on investing in promising small cal stocks. The goal is to attempt to outperform the Russell 2000 by picking 25 stocks and adding our risk management process.
Risk Level: High
Account Type: Qualified Diversification: US Small Cap
Minimum Allocation: $25,000

Tactical Defense

The Tactical Defense strategy is used to tactically adjust the portfolio's exposure to the stock markets.

The model can be 100% long or short.
Risk Level: Medium
Account Type: All Diversification: Global
Minimum Allocation: $10,000

Tax Grinder

The strategy's objective is to track the Russell 3000, a broad-based US-based equity index while aggressively harvest tax-loss throughout the year.
Risk Level: Medium
Account Type: Non-Qualified Diversification: US Large Cap
Minimum Allocation: $25,000

Our Diversifying Models

Our diversifying models are crucial in managing risk within our investment management approach, particularly our equity exposure. These models are like a safety net that helps cushion the impact of market fluctuations and enhance the overall stability of your portfolio.

The primary purpose of these diversifying models is to mitigate portfolio risk by incorporating allocations to a range of other investments of assets beyond traditional equities. These assets encompass different types of bonds, commodities, and alternative investments. By diversifying suitable investments across these various asset classes, we aim to create a well-rounded investment mix less susceptible to the volatile swings often experienced by the stock market.

Fixed-income-producing bonds, for instance, are typically regarded as a more stable investment than stocks. They can counterbalance equities’ potential ups and downs, providing a steady income stream and acting as a defensive component during times of stock market stress. Commodity investments, such as other assets such as precious metals or agricultural products, have historically shown a low correlation with traditional equities, offering active investors another layer of diversification. Additionally, our inclusion of alternative investments, which could range from real estate to hedge funds, further contributed to the reduction of the portfolio’s overall risk profile.

Another key aspect of these diversifying models is their potential to enhance portfolio performance. While the primary objective is risk reduction, these portfolio diversification models may also offer growth opportunities within

portfolio management. Through our diligent rebalancing process, we systematically adjust the allocations of these assets to maintain their target weights within the portfolio. This process ensures that as some assets perform well and others lag, we actively attempt to buy low and sell high, which can lead to improved performance over time.

Our diversifying models act as a robust defense mechanism for your portfolio. By strategically incorporating these elements and continually fine-tuning their allocation through our rebalancing process, our investment management services strive to increase risk-adjusted returns.

Tactical Diversifiers

The Tactical Diversifiers strategy is a mix of equity-market-uncorrelated securities that are risk-managed. The strategy uses low-cost diverse bonds, preferred stocks, and commodities ETFs to help pinpoint possible tactical opportunities. Tactical adjustments may be performed to tilt or reallocate the portfolio to take advantage of possible opportunities or reduce risk.
Risk Level: Low
Account Type: All
Diversification: Global
Minimum Allocation: $10,000

Tactical Crypto

The Tactical Crypto strategy offers a risk-managed option to investing in crypto currencies. The strategy uses ETFs to gain access to Bitcoin and other digital tokens. Tactical adjustments may be performed to tilt or reallocate the portfolio to take advantage of possible opportunities or reduce risk.
Risk Level: Very High
Account Type: Qualified
Diversification: Crypto Currencies
Minimum Allocation: $5,000


Alternative investments can be added to a portfolio to add non-market based investments to the mix. Some alternative investments may provide access to real estate, private companies, or other types of assets.

Their objective can be capital appreciation, tax-efficient income, or both.
Risk Level: Medium
Account Type: All
Diversification: Private markets
Minimum Allocation: $50,000

Cash Equivalent

The Cash Equivalent strategy offers an alternative to High Yield Savings accounts. They invest in short-term bonds to provide income and safety for a short-term investment.
Risk Level: Very Low
Account Type: All
Diversification: ST Bonds
Minimum Allocation: $5,000

Our Investment Position Summary

Our Investment Management Services cannot be transparent without the investment and portfolio manager using a position summary. The document is a concise overview or snapshot of the investment strategies we recommend for you. It provides a clear picture of the composition and value of their investment portfolio at a specific point in time. This summary typically includes details about the types of investments held, the quantities or amounts owned, and their corresponding market values. It also provides some growth and income expectations.

It provides valuable insights into the composition, performance, and overall health of financial assets in the portfolio of investment companies. Here are some key attributes of our IPS:

Clarity & Simplicity
Comprehensive Overview
Allocation Details
Benchmark Comparison
Future Outlook

Our Performance Reporting

Performance reporting is of paramount importance to more investors in the investment management industry for several key reasons:

  1. Transparency and Accountability: Our Performance reporting tool provides a clear and transparent view of your investments’ performance.

  2. Benchmark Comparison: By comparing your portfolio returns to relevant benchmarks, you can gauge how well your investments are doing compared to broader market trends. This provides context for assessing investment success.

  3. Risk Management: Performance reporting includes risk metrics such as volatility and standard deviation. These indicators may help you determine the risk associated with your investments and whether it aligns with your risk tolerance.

  4. Diversification Assessment: We can also share how diversification contributes to your portfolio’s performance. This helps ensure their investments are spread across different asset classes and industries to reduce risk.

  5. Tracking Progress: Performance reporting allows investors to track their progress toward financial goals. You can see if your investments are on track to meet targets and make adjustments if necessary.

In essence, performance reporting includes investment management is a critical tool to help us make informed investment decisions for our investors, assess investment strategies, manage risk, and track progress toward financial objectives. It provides a comprehensive view of investment performance and fosters a deeper understanding of the dynamics of the investment portfolio.

Our Custodian Partners

Being independent Investment Advisor Representatives gives us a distinct advantage in serving our clients, as we are not tied to any single investment manager or custodian. This freedom allows us to carefully consider various custodial options for our investors and select the one that aligns most effectively with each client’s unique situation and requirements. Currently, we maintain relationships with prominent custodians in the investment management industry such as traditional investment back companies such as Schwab, Fidelity, and Altruist.

The ability to choose from this diverse range of custodians allows us to tailor our recommendations based on what we believe is the best fit for our clients and financial institutions. We understand that your portfolio, financial circumstances, and objectives are distinct, and the choice of custodian can significantly impact the overall management and performance of individual assets and their investments.

Our role as your investment management firm is to thoroughly assess your investment goals, considering factors such as the scope of your investment portfolio, your desired level of service, regulatory constraints, and any specific preferences you may have. Drawing on our expertise in portfolio management and industry insights, we present our clients with well-informed recommendations regarding the most suitable custodian for appropriate investments for your situation.

Whether it’s the robust technology and comprehensive offerings of Fidelity, the established reputation and broad resources of Schwab, or the innovative and client-centric approach of Altruist, our priority is to guide our clients toward a custodial relationship and financial advisor that optimally supports their financial goals.

Our Investment Management Services

In conclusion, our investment management process is a meticulously designed framework that serves as a cornerstone for achieving financial success. Through a combination of our Core Equity, Satellite, and Diversifying models, we craft tailored investment strategies that align precisely with our client’s unique goals and risk tolerance.

The careful selection of investment models and custodians, coupled with transparent performance reporting, ensures our clients are empowered with the insights and tools they need to make informed decisions. With a steadfast commitment to continuous monitoring, strategic adjustments, and open communication, our investment, retirement planning, and wealth management process is not just about managing wealth – it’s about building a solid foundation for a prosperous and resilient financial future for you and your family.

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