Life Planning

At Breakaway Financial Group, we understand that clients need our help to get more out of their money. Our main priority is to help our clients live life to the fullest. Therefore, we put a big focus on understanding our clients’ wants and helping them align their finances accordingly.

How We Incorporate Life Planning

During the Vision Phase

From the beginning of our financial planning process, we have life planning conversations with our clients.

The Vision Phase is the onboarding portion for our clients. It includes the Discovery meeting and the Design meeting. During the Discovery meeting is when we put emphasis on learning what our clients’ money is for. What are the things they would like to achieve with it.

We call that the WHY? of the plan.

Life Planning

We think that understanding our clients’ WHY? helps us select the right recommendations for our clients. Without it, we think it is possible to recommend the wrong type of accounts contribution for example.

During the Life Planning Meeting

During the Planning Phase of our financial planning process, we revisit life planning through a separate session. We have created an exercise that may help raise any goals that our clients want to add to their plan. 

During the End of Year Meeting

When our clients have moved to the Optimization Phase, we continue to discuss Life Planning. The goal is to get an update on what the client has been planning on doing and help them find the best way to accomplish it.

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