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Tax Planning

Nerdwallet describes tax planning as: “the analysis and arrangement of a person’s financial situation in order to maximize tax breaks and minimize tax liabilities in a legal and efficient manner.”*

As a tax-focused financial planning firm, we put emphasis on using tax planning as a tool to help our clients build and preserve wealth.

Tax Planning Meeting

The second meeting of the Analysis Phase within the GamePlan is Tax Planning. During that meeting, we review our clients’ tax returns to analyze any possible issues we may be discovering. We also gather the latest paystubs (individuals) or profit and loss statements (business owners) to estimate the current year’s tax liability. With that information and from the current position within the plan, we also estimate lifetime tax liability based on expected income and investments growth.

Here’s a screenshot of our financial planning software’s tax planning page:

Tax Planning 1

Source: Right Capital

From that information, we can help optimize our clients tax plan by maximizing deductions during high taxable income years while accelerating taxable income during low taxable income years. We estimate that our long-term tax planning strategies may help our clients save substantial amount of taxes over their lifetime.

End of Year Meeting

Once our clients are in the Optimization Phase of the financial planning process, we schedule an End-of-Year meeting with them. Part of the End of Year Meeting is to continue the practice of estimating their taxable liability for the year, and check any tax strategies that may be available to them based on their financial plan and current tax laws.

The goal is to get them prepared for their tax filing and maximize their net income.

Tax Preparation

We offer tax preparation to our financial planning clients. It is our objective to round up our clients’ tax plans for the year by ensuring that the strategies we recommended are implemented and filed on their tax returns.

In Summary

Within our financial planning process, we consider Tax Planning as one of the most important topics. Helping our clients keep more of the money they earn is essential when helping them grow and maintain their wealth. Learn how we can help you maximize your tax efficiency by scheduling your Introductory Meeting.


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