Estate Planning & Charitable Giving

Estate preservation can be different things for different families.

  • A young couple might want to make sure to name a guardian for their new born child within their will.
  • Another individual might want to maintain some control on how assets are used by heirs.
  • A different couple might want to plan a tax-efficient inheritance.
  • Young students may need to give a power of attorney to parents to help them keep up with their needs as they leave for college. 

Depending on your goals, we can guide you accordingly.  We actually do not help our clients with drafting the documents they need, but we take the time to help them with what they need to create before they visit their estate planning attorney.

Our Estate Planning Service

We are growing relationships with local estate planning attorneys to understand their planning focus and find out how they can help our clients. We have been able to create a list of providers based on expertise and cost that fits any need.

We also help maximize the value our clients get from the service by preparing them for the interaction. We have created an estate introductory form that may also help brainstorm 

Our Charitable Giving Service

Many of our clients want to give back in some way. Giving back through charitable giving may add a purpose to a financial plan. It may also help increase tax efficiency.

We guide our clients through the process of learning the option available to help them as they attempt to maximize how they can make a difference.

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