Wealth Management for Athletes

Athletes have specific issues to consider when planning for their financial future:

Short Earning Period

An athlete may only be able to play their sports competitively for a short duration. Making the right financial decisions during these years is primordial.


Understandably, the athlete spends a large portion of his or her time on the game itself. Time is limited to learn complex financial principles.


Athletes are surrounded by temptations. They can add to the challenge of building wealth.

Finding the Right Advisory Team

Many professionals target athletes. It can be hard to find out who has the athlete's best interest at heart.

How We Can Help

Our founder was an athlete himself. He made it to the NHL in 1998 as a 24 year old. He played a total of 18 years of professional hockey. As a young hockey player, he had a hard time finding a firm to help him with his planning needs. All the professionals that were introduced to him were focused on investment management. However, he knew that he would need a more holistic approach.

"Patrick Traverse is Now Building the Firm He Wish He Could Have Hired as a Young Athlete."

Our Process

We have built our Wealth Management for Athletes from the ground up. A different set of issues require a different approach:

Cash Flow Management

We coach our clients to create an automated cash flow structure to simplify the athlete's financial life while helping staying on track.

Investment Management

We add a layer of risk management to our investment management process to attempt to help our clients do better over time. We understand the need to grow wealth while keeping enough liquidity as an athlete's career can change abruptly.

Tax Planning

We help our clients' implement advanced tax strategies to take advantage of what the current tax law has to offer. Less tax liability mean more money in the athlete's pocket.

Financial Planning

We cannot use the usual financial and retirement plan for athletes. The athlete may live more than 50 years after their athletic career. The financial plan needs to offer appropriate solutions.

Transition Planning

Patrick understands how hard it is to transition to a second career. The athlete's finances need to be able to support a possible lengthy transition.

Insurance Planning

It is important to understand the risks of an athletic career. Some risks can be transferred to an insurance company while others may not. We help our clients understand their risk and protect themselves as efficiently as possible.