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Tax Grinder


Tax Grinder is a portfolio of the top 50 stocks within the Russell 3000. The strategy’s objective is to track the performance of the Russell 3000 while attempting to gather investment tax losses.


The strategy is constituted on a yearly basis on a specific date announced by our investment team. On that date, a portfolio of the top 50 stocks is constructed for each investors’ account. Every month, our team surveys the current price for each position. If a position has a greater than 5% investment loss, it is sold and replaced by IWV, a Russell 3000 index ETF.

The strategy is completed after 366 days. At that time, the stocks that have more than 10% gains are protected. The rest are rolled over into the next year.

Financial Plan Fit

The Tax Grinder strategy should be used as a complementary equity allocation in a non-qualified account. 

Tax Grinder may be used in combination with Core Equity, and/or NQ Tactical Equity to create a diversified equity allocation within a non-qualified portfolio.

Investor Profile

Tax Grinder is suitable for investors seeking capital appreciation and tax efficiency within a non-qualified account. The strategy faces stock market and illiquidity risks. Based on an investor’s risk profile, the strategy may be combined with the Core Equity and Non-Qualified Diversifiers strategies to attempt to lower those risks.

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