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Tactical Equity


The Tactical Equity strategy is a globally diversified equity allocation. The strategy uses low-cost region and sector targeted ETFs to help pinpoint possible tactical opportunities. Tactical adjustments may be performed to tilt or reallocate the portfolio to take advantage of possible opportunities or reduce risk.

The allocation may be tilted towards regions and sectors that we feel may benefit from the current macroeconomic environment. The strategy also considers market trends and momentum to attempt to lower market risk by lowering the allocation to securities that display weak market movement.

The strategy’s objective is to track and possibly outperform the performance of the FTSE Global All Cap Index while attempting to reduce market risk.


At the onset of the account, allocating to the strategy is done carefully by avoiding an immediate addition to what we characterize as overbought securities. Based on macro-economic growth and inflation conditions, we may tilt the portfolio towards one of four pre-conceived allocations.

Position rebalancing is triggered tactically when market indicators signal overbought/oversold conditions. We also consider other market indicators to attempt to learn when a security may have changed its trend. We maintain the accounts allocated to this strategy by ensuring that its allocation is in line with its targeted allocation.

Financial Plan Fit

The Tactical Equity strategy should be used as a main or complementary equity allocation in a qualified account.

The strategy can be added to Core Equity, Tactical PowerPlay Equity, and/or Tactical Opportunistic to construct a diversified equity allocation.

Investor Profile

Tactical Equity is suitable for investors seeking long-term capital appreciation. Although the strategy aims to lower market risk through its tactical approach, it still faces stock market risk. Based on the investor’s risk profile, the strategy may be combined with the Tactical Diversifiers strategy to attempt to lower that risk.

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