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Tactical Crypto


The Tactical Crypto strategy enables an investor that would like to gain exposure to digital currencies with a layer of risk management. Cryptocurrencies can be volatile, which, we believe, creates opportunities to gain from the wild swings they can experience. The strategy uses ETFs to get exposure to Bitcoin and other digital tokens.

The strategy’s objective is to track and possibly outperform the performance of Bitcoin while attempting to reduce market risk.


At the onset of the account, allocating to the strategy is done carefully by avoiding an immediate addition to what we characterize as overbought securities. We carefully allocate to the currently targeted allocation.

Position rebalancing is triggered tactically when market indicators signal overbought/oversold conditions. We also consider other market indicators to attempt to learn when a security may have changed its trend. We maintain the accounts allocated to this strategy by ensuring that its allocation is in line with its targeted allocation.

Financial Plan Fit

The Tactical Crypto strategy should be used as a complementary allocation in a qualified account.

The strategy should be used to increase diversification.

Investor Profile

Tactical Crypto is suitable for investors seeking long-term capital appreciation. Due to its volatility, we recommend using a small allocation to the model.


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