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NQ Tactical Equity


The NQ Tactical Equity strategy uses specialty funds that attempt to control market risk with distinct tactical strategies within an ETF structure. The ETF structure helps maintain tax efficiency needed in a non-qualified account.

The strategy’s objective is to track the performance of the Russell 3000 over a full economic cycle with less risk of a large drawdown. 


100% of the funds available to be invested are added to the allocation. It is recommended to use a systematic contribution process to slowly add funds to the model over a period of time.

The model is fixed to help maintain tax efficiency.

Financial Plan Fit

The NQ Tactical Equity strategy should be used as a main or complementary equity allocation in a non-qualified account.

The strategy can be used with Tax Grinder and/or Core Equity to create a purposely non-qualified portfolio.

Investor Profile

NQ Tactical Equity is suitable for investors seeking long-term capital appreciation. Although the strategy aims to lower market risk through its tactical approach, it still faces stock market risk. Based on the investor’s risk profile, the strategy may be combined with the Tactical Diversifiers and/or NQ Diversifiers strategy(ies) to attempt to lower that risk.

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