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NQ Diversifiers


The Non-Qualified Diversifiers strategy is a mix of municipal bond securities. The strategy uses low-cost ETFs. The strategy’s objective is to provide tax-free income and attempt to lower stock-market risk within a diversified portfolio.


The allocation is constructed as soon as the account is funded without timing consideration. A rebalance is triggered when cash is added to the account or when one of the positions has drifted more than 20% from its targeted allocation. We maintain the accounts allocated to this strategy by ensuring that its allocation is in line with its target.

Financial Plan Fit

The Non-Qualified Diversifiers strategy may be used as a main or complementary diversifying allocation in a non-qualified account.

Investor Profile

Non-Qualified Diversifiers is suitable for investors seeking tax-free income and capital preservation. However, it faces interest rate and inflation risks. Based on an investor’s risk profile, the strategy may be combined with equity strategy(ies) to attempt to lower those risks.

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