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The GamePlan

The GamePlan is our version of the financial planning process. It is modular which means that we analyze and make our recommendations one topic at a time. It is comprehensive as we address all financial items during the process. It is also ongoing since once we have covered all topics, we have a plan to reassess each topic on an appropriate schedule.

Vision Phase

During the Vision Phase we want to learn about your WHY? We believe that before we can make any recommendations, we need to learn what you are planning for in the first place.

As financial planners, we take the time necessary to guide you in the visualization of your best life.

The Vision Phase includes 3 different meetings:

  • The Introductory Meeting
  • Discovery
  • Design

Each of the membership packages have a different version of the Vision Phase. 

Analysis Phase

The Analysis Phase starts as soon as the Vision Phase has been completed. During the time spent in this phase, we guide our clients through what we consider the most financial planning topics when trying to build wealth.

  • Cash Flow Management
  • Investment Management Meeting
  • Tax Planning Meeting


As important elements are adjusted to fit the recommendations (WHAT?) given based on the financial plan design, we continue to check-in regularly on cash flow management and short-term plan guidance.

Each package requires a different level of analysis based on the complexity client finances.

Maintenance Phase

Once clients graduate to the Maintenance Phase, we review each of the Financial Planning elements stated above at different time intervals.

The Optimization Phase is meant to continue adjusting the plan as our clients face life transitions. We discuss their WHY? HOW? & WHAT? as they go through life.

We think that the planning process is never done. Therefore, our process is nimble in nature. We continually help our clients potentially get more life out of their money while preparing for obstacles that might come their way.

The Optimization Phase last indefinitely. Gold Package clients have two planned strategy meetings during this Phase while Silver Package clients meet with an advisor once a year. There is no planned meetings for Bronze Package clients.

Investment Management

Market Update sent weekly.
Reports sent quarterly.
Review every meeting.

Financial Planning Review

Reports sent quarterly.
Review yearly.

Employee Benefits

When needed.

Estate/Charitable Giving Planning

Every 3 years (or when needed).

Insurance Planning

Every 3 years (or when needed).

Cash Flow Management

Review every meeting.

Life Planning

Once a year.

Tax Planning

Review every meeting.

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