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At Breakaway Financial Group, we understand the unique financial challenges faced by small business owners. Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs like you to achieve both personal and business financial success.

"Money is not everything, but so much of our lives depends on how we manage it."

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Our Team

Our team is dedicated to supporting small business owners. We have experience in navigating the intricacies of business finance, tax planning, and personal wealth management.

Patrick Traverse CFP®, EA, CEPA™

Lisa Nee, Client Success Manager

Craig Stahlecker, Trader

Who We Help

We are focused on helping early and mid-career entrepreneurs with their financial planning needs. 

Small business owners spend most of their time thinking about how to grow their enterprises. We help them take full advantage of their business as a wealth-building tool through specific wealth management and business consulting advice.

We offer a holistic set of services that is convenient for busy entrepreneurs.

We created investment strategies with layers of risk management and tax efficiencies. Our goal is to help our entrepreneurs diversify their sources of income with an emphasis on tax efficiency. 

We feel it is important to transfer catastrophic risks to an insurance company when needed. We guide our clients in creating a cost-efficient insurance mix.

We believe Cash Flow Management is the most important financial planning topic. Let us teach you simple yet effective strategies to automate your business and personal Cash Flow.

Tax planning ≠ Tax preparation. We discuss tax planning strategies with our clients throughout the year to help them keep more of the money they earn.

We offer tax preparation to our financial planning clients only. We want to ensure that the strategies that we recommend are implemented when filing taxes. Keeping it limited to our clients allows us to keep a high level of service.

Employee benefits can be a great tool to attract talent and to help increase tax efficiency. We help create an employee benefits stack to help you achieve your goals.

College cost is one of the main issues facing families today. We will help our clients create a plan to give their children the education they need to thrive at a price the family can afford.

Growing a family comes with great responsibility. We guide our clients to ensure that their wishes are followed if something happens to them.

We help our clients create efficiencies and synergies in their business through Exit Planning procedures to spur growth and increase sellability.

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Free Consultation: Take the First Step towards Building Wealth

Schedule a Free Consultation with our Team

Discuss Your Goals and Challenges

Get Immediate Value from your Financial Assessment

What to Expect from the Free Consultation

Breakaway 1

Schedule a time to meet with our team by using our scheduler link which you can find throughout the website. You are able to choose between meeting on a phone call, a virtual meeting, or in-person based on your availability.

Breakaway 2

Once the meeting is scheduled, we will send you a brief form to fill out. The information will help us get your financial assessment prepared for the meeting.

Breakaway 3

During our meeting, we will provide answers to questions you have about our firm and how we help our clients. We will also attempt to give you immediate guidance on the planning needs you have. Our goal is to help you understand how we will continue to be of service to your family.

Breakaway 4

We are looking for long-term client relationships. For that reason, we don’t want to rush you into a decision. After the meeting, we will send you a copy of your financial assessment with notes from our financial planner. Take the time you need to make this important decision.

Breakaway 5

When you decide to engage our services, we will begin the process to help you get started on the road to financial success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you fiduciaries?


We have to put your best interest ahead of ours under the law. We are also lead by a CFP® which adds to the level of responsibility towards our clients.

How do you get paid?

We are fee-only advisors.

The only income we make is from fees our clients pay us for our advice and services performed for them. No commissions. No kickbacks.

Do we need to meet in person?


About 90% of our services are now done virtually. Today's technology allows us to be much more time efficient.

Who is a good fit for your services?

Small business owners.

We have created a process to help business owners with their financial planning needs.

Do I need to sign a contract?


The financial planning agreement can be stopped at anytime without any required commitment.

Where are your clients' investments?

We use multiple custodians.

As independent advisors, we are able to start relationships with available custodians. Our clients are currently using Schwab, Fidelity, and Altruist as the custodian of their investment accounts.

Who will I be working with?

It depends.

Depending on the level of service you choose, you may get a dedicated CFP® to help you.

Do I need to be local to Charleston, SC?


As a virtual-enabled firm, we can help anyone in the United States.

I am just getting started.
Can you help?


We love to educate. We take the time to teach our clients what they need to know. We love to help young professionals start their financial journey on the right path.

Our Fees

We created a fee structure that enables us to customize how our clients can work with us. Our fee structure is a combination of GamePlan fees, a Membership fee, and an Assets Under Management fee. 

We define our service packages based on the complexity of the financial situation. During the Introductory meeting, we will recommend which package we think fits your needs based on our quick assessment of your situation.

Our Onboarding Fees



  • 2-3 Meetings
  • Quick Cash Flow Analysis & Coaching
  • Quick Investment Analysis – Basic Plan
  • Tax Analysis – Basic Plan



  • 4-6 Meetings
  • Standard Cash Flow Analysis & Planning
  • Quick Investment Analysis – Standard Plan
  • Tax Analysis – Standard Plan



  • 6-8 Meetings
  • Deep Cash Flow Analysis & Detailed Projections
  • Deep Investment Analysis – Detailed Plan
  • Tax Analysis – Detailed Plan

Our Membership Fees



(Waived with $100k in Asset Under Management)
  • 1 Planned Meeting per Year
  • 2 Extra 30-minute Check-ins When Needed
  • Email Support
  • Planning Software: Elements
  • Insights



(Waived with $250k in Asset Under Management)
  • 2 Planned Meetings per Year
  • 2 Extra 60-minute Meetings When Needed
  • Email Support
  • Planning Software: Elements & Right Capital
  • Insights



(Waived with $750k in Asset Under Management)
  • 4 Planned Meetings per Year
  • Unlimited 60-minute Meetings When Needed
  • Email Support
  • Planning Software: Right Capital
  • Insights
  • 10% Fee credit towards other services

Our Assets Under Management Fee Schedule

< $100k


$100k to $500k


$500k to $1M




Free Consultation: Take the First Step towards Building Wealth

Schedule a Free Consultation with our Team

Discuss Your Goals and Challenges

Get Immediate Value from your Financial Assessment

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